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/məːdʒ/ speaker

To combine or cause to combine.

Who we are

Established in 2015, Merj is a trusted digital consulting firm that revolutionises business insight and provides the world’s leading organisations with competitive intelligence. Bringing clients the benefits of technical SEO, paid media, analytics and market-leading data mining, co-founders Ryan Siddle and Mark Smith have helped businesses generate more than £220 million in additional revenue. Our dedicated team continually deliver the best solutions to your biggest technical problems to relieve pain points and develop insightful commercial strategies.

What we do

At Merj, we push boundaries, break new ground and create highly optimised software solutions that allow us to collect and solve big data problems. To date, we have crawled 2.3 billion webpages and analysed over 100 billion data points – we are committed to identifying and solving difficult problems within businesses to find the origin. We take an atomic approach to problem solving, getting into the granular detail to develop corrective, bespoke strategies, bringing business difficulties and clear results into a single entity.

We don’t work perfunctorily. We won’t compromise on quality. We produce results.

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Who we work with

Merj works with a vast range of different businesses and firms, including publicly traded companies, plus private equity and venture-backed firms.

We’re a security, discretion and privacy-first company. We treat our clients with the utmost confidentiality.

Let us help you solve your digital problems

We help leading organisations to optimise their digital presence the right way, by tailoring software to integrate business and digital processes, so the humans can focus on strategy, while the machines do the heavy lifting.