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The MERJ Story

MERJ started in 2014 as a way to provide digital consultancy to agencies.

2015 marked the start of MERJ providing software solutions to digital agencies to help support the need for data acquisition, analysis and storage.

Our software environment, Able IO has been in the making since 2014. It will be under a closed beta test in Q4 2017 to a select group of programmers as part of our pre-release program. It will be ready for public release early 2019.

We now have a diverse range of clients across the digital and financial sectors, ranging from VC backed startups to FTSE250 companies.

We've growth from strength-to-strength. We're self-funded and choosing our own path.

How We Help

Design, prototyping and writing software should be easy, but it hasn't been for quite some time. We've seen cases of a single text file breaking millions of web pages, to software failures that remove £430 million from a trading company.

We have Open Sourced our core environment (public release Q2 2019) and we want to connect with developers who want to make a difference.

We're passionate about technology and pushing innovation. Our clients get solutions they need to help stay #1 in their markets. We question the norm and invest heavily in R&D to ensure our bespoke solutions make a difference.

Our charitable work is important to us. We want to leave the planet and digital space in a better place.

We're looking to work with companies who have the same beliefs as our own.

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We're hiring! Opportunities to work from the head office and remotely.

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