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Data Strategy & Insights

Harness data to empower your business

Data is a valuable resource, but to get the maximum impact from the information at your disposal you need a strategy that turns insight into action.


Every business has the potential to successfully utilise and leverage data to their advantage.

From the ability to predict emerging trends, through to fully understanding your position in the market, carefully planned data strategies are now critical for long-term planning.

Using bespoke in-house tools and programmes, Merj can centralise, store, and analyse data, before creating enterprise-grade data strategies that power growth.

Turning insights into action

By combining insights with a holistic data strategy, your business can:

  • Get ahead of competitors and market trends by identifying changes and threats in your sector.
  • Gain insight into business performance and use that information to influence sustainable growth.
  • Learn how to use real-time data to quickly inform decision making and live marketing campaigns.

Organic Search Services

Market Research

Understanding your place in a fast-paced and competitive market is crucial for any business to responsibly and sustainably.

Using bespoke data collection tools, Merj can help you understand your place within the market, as well as identifying the intricate behaviours of consumers and potential customers or clients.

Data Mining

Through the mining of data, businesses can transform process efficiency, create robust security models, and uncover hidden or overlooked market potential.

At Merj, we collect vast amounts of data from across the Internet using our own tools alongside third-party software to provide our clients with actionable insights to inform their long-term planning.

Machine Learning

Otherwise known as data modelling, machine learning allows businesses to effectively store and navigate vast amounts of information.

We help businesses store and modernise their data infrastructures, allowing them to quickly and efficiently retrieve data within secure and navigable data management structures.

Competitor Intelligence

The ability to understand the movements and strategies of your closest competitors is crucial for the growth and expansion of any business.

From the creation of comprehensive competitor intelligence reports, we provide our clients with the necessary insights they need to outmanoeuvre competitors in robust market sectors.

Dashboards & Reporting

While many companies are able to collect and store data, many have fallen behind with the ability to present or report it in a meaningful and digestible manner.

Using a blend of bespoke and third-party dashboards and reporting software, we provide our clients with the tools and reporting required for accessible data insights.

Data Structures & Warehousing

Companies with large amounts of data often find it difficult to efficiently process, manage and store the information that they collect.

Through bespoke and state of the art data structures, we can help your business quickly and efficiently manage and access extensive data banks for analysis and insight.

Data Insights & Training

As technology is evolving at such a fast rate, it is often hard for companies to provide employees with the training and knowledge they need to create modern data strategies.

Whether to refresh old or out of date knowledge, or to learn a new skill from scratch, Merj can guide employees through the complex world of data strategy and insights through tailored training and guidance.

How we do it

At Merj we pride ourselves in providing our clients with organic search services that are tailored directly to their needs and business aims.

Our comprehensive and fully-fledged technical audit analyses every element of your website, enabling us to gain a full understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, and potential.

With our findings, we are then able to formulate intelligent, thought-provoking, and creative strategies to grow your brand through organic search.

Why choose Merj?

With years’ of experience in a wide range of sectors and international markets, Merj works with vast amounts of data and information on a day to day basis.

From identifying and storing data, through to processing and governing that information for the creation of holistic data-led strategies, we provide our clients with a comprehensive data and insights service required for sustainable growth and expansion.

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By reducing data-gravity, we provide our clients with secure, faster and more cost-effective solutions so that they can access large quantities of data whenever they need it.

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