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Digitual Due Diligance

Understand a company’s digital value, history, and potential

A digital due diligence assessment presents a clear picture of an organisation’s digital position, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions.

What is digital due diligence?

Both the current and future performance of any business is based on an intelligent, carefully managed, and careful operation.

With a comprehensive and independent digital due diligence assessment, stakeholders can gain a full understanding of an organisation’s digital standing, allowing them to make a range of informed and technically backed decisions.

From analysing a company’s operational processes, through to understanding its current and future positioning within the market, we can help you better assess the risk and potential opportunity of an organisation.

When is digital due diligence needed?

There are two sides to digital due diligence, and this comes down to whether you are interested in investing in a business ("buy side"), or whether you are selling one ("sell side").

Merj regularly works with a variety of businesses searching for digital due diligence advice and services. Some of our most common clients include:

  • Venture capital firms: We provide independent evaluation regarding the scalability and commercial performances of businesses with strategic digital presences
  • Merger and acquisition firms: Merj can help evaluate the true value of a company, alongside the stability of its sector alongside future trends and opportunities.
  • Companies looking to sell: We can help your business prove that it is built on best industry practices and guidelines with comprehensive and far-reaching reports.

Merj can also provide full evaluations and assessments as expert witnesses to legal firms, and when necessary, court proceedings.

Are you looking to invest in a company with a large digital presence?

Any firm looking to invest in a company with a large digital presence should understand that digital due diligence is as integral any other kind of diligence assessment.

Including mitigating strengths and weaknesses, alongside assessing the technology and strategy employed by a business, Merj can help build a comprehensive and detailed assessment of an organisation. We do this by:

  • Analysing the technical architecture of a company’s digital assets.
  • Conducting consumer research within both current and potential markets.
  • Evaluating market shares and competitor strategies.

With a fully actionable due diligence report, Merj can help you assess the full potential of a high net worth investment.

Find out more about this with our service page for companies requiring due diligence reports for investing.

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Are you looking for a digital due diligence report for your own company?

The ability to fairly assess the true value and potential of your company from a digital standpoint is crucial so that you can provide a comprehensive evaluation to potential investors.

We have worked with brands from a range of sectors and have helped them to understand the true positioning and stability of their company with thorough and understandable reports. We do this by:

  • Analysing the information architecture of businesses digital assets.
  • Investigating the possibility of historical search engine rank manipulation.
  • Evaluating the digital reputation of a company and its brand.

Being armed with technically backed knowledge during the early stages of a sale is crucial so that you are able to provide extensive answers to any questions that arise through the selling process.

Find out more about how Merj can help you with our service page for companies requiring due diligence reports for selling.

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Whether you’re looking to sell or invest, Merj has provided comprehensive third-party digital due diligence reports for organisations across the world.

If you’re in need of a digital due diligence report for selling or investing, get in touch with us today using the form below.

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