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Digitual Due Diligance


Showcase your digital value and growth potential

Our comprehensive digital due diligence reports provide companies embarking on the sales process with a clear and comprehensive understanding of both their true value and potential for growth as they embark on the process of selling their business.

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Digital due diligence is now an essential element of any sale process involving an organisation with a strong digital presence. Backed by a comprehensive and far-reaching digital due diligence report, you can prove the sustainability, value, and true potential of your business.

Our digital due diligence reports take a scientifically backed and data-led approach, allowing organisations to highlight technically backed strengths and opportunities — allowing them to take greater control of the sale process.

Bespoke reporting and insight

A digital due diligence report provides you with the backing you need for a clear and clean sale process by providing:

  • A technical analysis of historical marketing practices and strategies.
  • A full sector analysis of competitor and consumer trends and behaviours.
  • Insights and solutions into issues that could negatively sway a buyer’s opinion.
  • Key summaries of areas ripe for growth and expansion.

What we do

Information Architecture

Information architecture is a vital component of any digital property and can affect both its usability and performance across search environments.

Merj can help your business understand how its information architecture influences its organic search performance with a tailored, and data-driven report — providing you with the insights and solutions required to highlight sustainable growth.

Technical Architecture

The technologies behind your digital presence can have a real impact on your company’s ability to grow and respond to changes within a competitive market.

With a full technical architecture report, we can provide you with the solutions required to help build a technical architecture that can grow and adapt to new challenges.

Consumer Research

Consumer behaviours can change on a day-to-day basis, which means that companies need to be prepared for changes in the market.

With a data-driven approach, we can highlight successful approaches and strategies that provide the groundwork for long-term and sustainable growth in competitive environments.

Competitor Analysis and Market Share

Having a full understanding of the threats and competition within a digital environment is vital so that long-term growth is ensured.

Merj can help businesses accurately analyse their share of the market while providing a full analysis of competitor growth and strategy.

Historical Search Engine Rank Manipulation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) requires intelligent marketing strategies that abide by modern standards and best practices.

With a comprehensive historical audit, Merj can help businesses provide evidence of sustainable and responsible search engine marketing strategies.

Digital Brand Reputation

Reputation management is a vital part of any marketing strategy and can shape the way that customers, competitors, and investors view a business.

By carrying out a comprehensive market audit, Merj can help organisations understand the influence of their digital reputations and provide guidance for resolutions and improvement.

Why choose Merj?

Using a blend of scientifically back approaches, at Merj we have the capability to provide businesses with a tailored and comprehensive digital due diligence report that can arm companies with intrinsic knowledge to get the best possible deal for them.

Having worked with businesses from a range of international markets, we have the experience and knowledge to provide our clients with a flexible and dynamic approach to digital due diligence.

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Although a digital due diligence report is most useful during the early stages of a selling process, it can still come in great use at a later stage when more in-depth questions or analysis might be required.

As our digital due diligence reports also highlight long-standing or previously unknown issues, it also means that organisations have the ability to mitigate potential problems ahead of time.



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