Market Analysis

We firmly believe that thorough, intelligent market research is essential to the success of any business and should be treated as a long-term commitment by those who want to truly thrive.

It's easy to overlook audience analysis, or to become overwhelmed by the sheer scale of what's out there when it comes to reviewing competitors. But with the right approach, research can not only help businesses stay afloat, but be instrumental in their innovation and pushing of new, exciting opportunities.

What we do

At Merj, we work with your teams to collect data about what people are looking for through search engines and help turn it into actionable information - whether that's to help you gain a competitive advantage in your industry, merge or acquire businesses, or invest in a company.

Competitive advantage

We can monitor your competitors' website activity, their share of the market, and areas they are performing well in, including new and emerging market entries.

We use a variety of data sources, combining APIs with our own data collection to provide insights that can help you.

  • Budget on quarterly or annual basis by planning and optimising resources.
  • Establish market size, including growth/decline YoY.
  • Understand seasonal demand, for example if you are in ecommerce.
  • Deal with out of stock products or products with a short life cycle.
  • Tap into the latest web search trends.
  • Learn what your customers are saying about you.

Data mining

We provide tailored data mining solutions that collect industry information for both businesses and investment vehicles. We build custom data warehouses for such solutions. Alternatively, we can integrate with existing Salesforce, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or your own data warehouse solution.

Using our web crawlers, we are able to provide efficient data collection analysis and storage for even the most demanding tasks. We don't shy away from a good challenge.

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