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Organic Search

Organic Search

Boost your search engine visibility with a data-led approach

Search engine optimisation is still the leading driver of web traffic. Find out why so many brands turn to us to increase their bottom line with a data-centric approach.

Organic Search


As search engines progress at such an incredibly fast pace, organic search finds itself in a state of constant evolution. With this in mind, businesses need to invest in an ever-expanding range of technical considerations for sustainable growth within organic search.

From ensuring that their website caters to the needs and intentions of its customers, through to making sure that it is technically robust for search engines to discover with minimal effort. We have the knowledge and experience to maximise your search potential.

With a creative, data-driven, and technically led focus on organic search, you can:

  • Increase revenue and brand exposure.
  • Manage and influence your online reputation.
  • Expand your customer or audience base.
  • Discover new markets, both locally and internationally.
  • Gain a unique insight into customer behaviour.

Organic Search Services

Technical SEO

Another cornerstone of organic search, Technical SEO can be one of its most complex elements, but with the right kind of insight and guidance, it can also be one of the most rewarding.

With the backing of a fully tailored and comprehensive technical audit, we can create a powerful technical strategy to increase your brand exposure and support revenue growth.

Mobile Optimisation

As Google now evaluates websites from a mobile perspective as a priority, it is crucial that mobile versions of sites offer the best possible performance for users.

From implementing AMP pages or web light technology, through to ensuring that your site is totally responsive to mobile devices, we can give your brand the guidance it needs to ensure that it doesn’t fall behind in an increasingly mobile world.

Page Speed Analysis

Our solutions help people make intelligent decisions with data.

Programmatic uses algorithms to automate ad buying and placement: the results can be used to influence your wider campaigns, unearth new keywords and potentially discover new target audiences.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is a cornerstone for organic search and paid media campaigns as it helps discover how customers search for products and services through search engines.

Through in-depth analysis, we generate an exhaustive "keyword universe" to provide business intelligence on competitors and market opportunities, as well as laying the groundwork for rank tracking, reporting, and content analysis.

Information Architecture

A robust information architecture is a critical component of usability for any website. When combined with optimised, high-quality content for users and search engines alike, a brand can place itself in the best possible position for organic search exposure.

We carry out comprehensive information architecture audits combined with full content analyses to pinpoint and capitalise on opportunities — providing you with the information you need for long-term organic growth.

Site Architecture Analysis

A strong site architecture enables search engines to quickly analyse and discover new and existing pages within a website. What’s more, a poor internal link structure can cause your pages to compete with one another within search engines.

We perform a site structure analysis to ensure that your site structure and its internal elements do not hinder the growth of your organic search performance.

Content Analysis

By carefully analysing both your commercial and supporting pages, we can pinpoint opportunities for growth and ensure that your pages provide optimised, high-quality content for users and search engines alike.

With the full monitoring of both competitors and industry trends, Merj can devise long-term content strategies to ensure that your brand is able to capitalise on opportunities within organic search.

Security and Testing

With strict security and privacy laws at hand, it is critical that businesses protect sensitive information from search engines as well as cyber criminals.

At Merj, security is one of our highest priorities, and by utilising an extensive knowledge of search engine security vulnerabilities, we can audit your public facing data services to identify weaknesses or potential leaks.

How we do it

At Merj we pride ourselves in providing our clients with organic search services that are tailored directly to their needs and business aims.

Our comprehensive and fully-fledged technical audit analyses every element of your website, enabling us to gain a full understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, and potential.

With our findings, we are then able to formulate intelligent, thought-provoking, and creative strategies to grow your brand through organic search.

How do we know what's working?

The impact of an organic search campaign can be measured even at the most granular level. Using an array of data and metrics supplied from our very own in-house tools and software, we supply our clients with measurable insights and information that matter to them — enabling them to make the best and most informed decisions for the future of their business.

Why choose Merj?

Using a blend of scientific and data-led methodologies with our experience and in-depth knowledge, we can support the growth of you and your company with unique insights and strategies for powerful organic search campaigns. Contouring our services to the needs and objectives of each client, we’re totally flexible in our approach to working with clients at a global scale

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) requires businesses to focus on a long-term strategy of providing high-quality content, products and services that match the consumers need without buying advertising space. Pay Per Click (PPC) allows for instant traffic for short-lived campaigns by paying search engines for a dedicated spot. As long-term evergreen content matures with ranks improving to page one, PPC can be used to supplement marketing messaging to consumers.

Issues may arise when expanding into new markets if your platform and plan of action do not factor in localisation. To avoid this, we establish consumer research, technical implementation requirements and an in-depth migration roadmap that ensures all international content is received by the correct audience and in the right language with local knowledge, which is vital for usability and prevents content cannibalisation.

As a digital consulting firm, we believe in flexing to suit our customer's needs – which means adjusting our working methods to involve your team as little or as much as you like. For companies that prefer a completely hands-off approach, we act as an extension of your digital team: providing you with our consulting experience and drawing on your domain expert knowledge of the industry. We do the heavy lifting, creating semi-automated processes along the way, so you don't have to.

We pride ourselves in offering recommendations for complex issues that can be understood by people with all levels of knowledge. With this in mind, we can help build your team's knowledge of organic search, whether as complete beginners (SEO 101), advanced SEO for consultants and developers or simply as people who need to catch up with the latest technologies and updates (industry updates).

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We help leading organisations to optimise their digital presence the right way, by tailoring software to integrate business and digital processes, so the humans can focus on strategy, while the machines do the heavy lifting.

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