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Paid Media

Amplify your reach to relevant customers

We use data to get the right message, in front of the right people, at the right time – for better engagement, higher conversions and a greater return on investment.


Through paid media, you can build a tailored connection with your customers. It’s an opportunity not only to select what products and pages reach different sections of your audience, but to gain a deeper understanding of your target market: their buying habits, their influences, what resonates and what doesn’t.

With our integrated data feeds, you can even react and respond to external influences, such as weather updates or news reports.

And that’s just the beginning.

Paid search allows you to:

  • Tailor messaging to specific sections of your audience
  • Present the most relevant products, pages and services
  • React to market changes and seasonal demands
  • Maximise reach during peak times: holidays, sporting events etc
  • Kick start or boost a long-term organic search campaign
  • Understand your customers by testing pages, campaigns and keywords
  • Discover what platforms your customer use, to broadcast your message effectively
  • Defend your brand identity against keyword cannibalism
  • Retarget, reengage and upsell to inactive customers
  • Connect with your customers and stay front of mind

Paid Media Services


Conversions, not awareness, are key to successful shopping online and via mobile.

In a crowded online marketplace, data-driven solutions help you to target bespoke groups of shoppers with the right product pages, avoiding wasted ad spend and increasing conversions.


Our solutions help people make intelligent decisions with data.

Programmatic uses algorithms to automate ad buying and placement: the results can be used to influence your wider campaigns, unearth new keywords and potentially discover new target audiences.

How we do it

Merj delve deeper into Paid Media – exploring each client’s needs before creating bespoke solutions that use a combination of technology, data and human insight.

Our human-computer interactive systems to explore, create and deliver paid media campaigns at scale.

How do we know what's working?

Bounce rates – accidental or erroneous clicks that waste paid media spend

Goals completed – measuring success from click to conversion

React to market changes and seasonal demands

Why choose Merj?

Using a blend of scientific and data-led methodologies with our experience and in-depth knowledge, we can support the growth of you and your company with unique insights and strategies for powerful paid media campaigns. Contouring our services to the needs and objectives of each client, we’re totally flexible in our approach to working with clients at a global scale.

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Paid Search is more well known as Pay Per Click (PPC). It allows companies to bid on advertising space within search engine results, providing instant visibility to test new strategies. Organic Search is a 'free' alternative in which companies web pages are ranked depending on the search engine's algorithm. Organic Search takes a lot more time to establish and is a longer term strategy.

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We help leading organisations to optimise their digital presence the right way, by tailoring software to integrate business and digital processes, so the humans can focus on strategy, while the machines do the heavy lifting.

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