One of our greatest passions is to increase the level of knowledge across our industry, which is why we provide organic search and security training alongside our other specialist services.

We regularly conduct research and experiments using in-house tools and specialist techniques so that we can test revolutionary new ideas and frameworks. Although we don’t write about ALL our experiments, we do occasionally publish them on our digital blog.

This shows in the efficiency and scalability of our solutions, and the results that we deliver businesses, large and small.

Whether your business agency-side or client-side, we’ve helped businesses throughout the UK understand both organic search and online security so that they have the tools and knowledge to succeed.

Merj Training Sessions

From beginner, through to advanced sessions, we provide training in the following areas:

  • Keyword research & classification
  • Technical auditing
  • International auditing
  • Content auditing
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Migrations & disaster recovery
  • Administering secure servers and terminals
  • SEO cyber security

SEO Cyber Security

Do you want to learn more about how search engine optimisation (SEO) and cyber security are closely tied? Check out our SEO cyber security training.

Our private corporate sessions are arranged by knowledge group to ensure that each team learns about only what is relevant to them.

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