Akamai’s acquisition of Ondat will enable more complex logic and application to be defined at the edge. Here are a few examples of what geographically distributed application can be developed using these new services:

  • Storing persistent session data at the edge
  • Containerizing a CMS and running it on a stateful database at the edge
  • Payment processing at the edge to handle simultaneous distributed transaction requests
  • Personalizing experiences by stitching specific content such as ads with video files
  • Real-time logging analysis to get visibility into who is viewing advertisements
  • Server-side render on demand, in the context of the current user for single-page app powered by React or Vue
  • Authentication at the edge using containerized directory services
  • Configuring the limiting, request validation, batching/unbatching, and routing without relying on cache
  • Live writing and reading of data for geographically close endpoints, such as ride-sharing or food delivery apps
  • Data sovereignty use cases, where personal data is processed locally, at the edge
  • Direct communication between edge nodes to fulfil requests or transactions, such as chat messages
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