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We specialise in technical search engine optimisation that bridges the gap between consultancy and data engineering

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Search Engine Optimisation

Supporting Business Growth at all Levels

Technical understanding and effective communication is vital to the success of all search engine optimisation projects. Whether it’s ideation, research and development, proof of concept or reporting, we can support you and your team.


Working with FTSE100, FTSE250, NASDAQ and S&P500 companies with complex cross-functional teams, priorities and resourcing requirements.

Small & Medium Businesses

Supporting businesses that need strategy and delivery. Driving ideas from proof of concept to production.


Helping startups with research, strategy and platform development for Series A and Series B funding.

Search Engine Optimisation


CMS & E-commerce Platform Optimisation

Auditing off-the-shelf, customised and in-house platforms to give best-in-class recommendations.

Headless CMS & Service Based Architectures

Auditing platforms with decoupled frontends that are served through NextJS, Angular and Vue.

Page Speed Optimisation and Monitoring 

Improving Core Web Vitals by deep diving into the technical elements of how webpages are constructed.

Edge SEO (Content Delivery Networks)

Using Akamai, Fastly & Cloudflare Workers to create new capabilities, test changes and modify content at the edge.

International & Local Strategies 

Working with global and local teams to optimise the platform and content for macro and micro.

Faceted Navigation Architecture 

Architecting best-in-class navigations that use your product inventory management, CMS and microservices.

Automated Content

Leveraging large-language models (ChatGPT, Llama, Claude & PaLM) to consume your internal and external APIs.

Market Research

Understanding consumer trends and evaluating competitive strategies to keep on top of ever-evolving threats and competition.

Domain Name and Platform Migrations

Using our vast experience to understand your business and navigate migration intricacies for growth.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Already migrated a website and in disaster? We can help diagnose the issue and then support it with a recovery plan of action.

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Research & Development

We help our clients maintain a competitive edge by innovating. We have an in-house research and development team that thinks outside the box to solve some of the more challenging problems.

We understand that businesses want to see what Google sees. We have developed software that monitors Google’s rendering process, allowing us to view the exact HTML source code, JavaScript and resources used. This can be useful for:

  1. Creating new Googlebot real-time insights.
  2. Providing 100% confidence in legal and compliance requests.
  3. Attribute split testing control or variant to a particular rendering.

We are using large language models to streamline day-to-day tasks such as keyword classification (entity recognition, search intent and categorisation), creating Python scripts to solve particular nuanced problems or summarising meeting minutes.

Having a great idea is only a small part of the puzzle. Getting the resources to implement the idea is often the greater challenge. Teams may have different priorities, as well as budget constraints. We created the Page Interceptor, a tool which can modify any website to show a proof of concept that runs on top of your production environment. Some use cases so far:

  1. Creating HTML and HTTP Header changes to improve Core Web Vitals.
  2. Simulating content changes (page titles, headings, internal links).
  3. Understanding the performance implications of UX / CRO tests and dev releases.

Not all companies provide APIs for their data. Scraping data is often a backstop solution that helps to unblock a problem. We’ve built interactive and automated scraping software that can access logged in areas, such as Google Search Console, to retrieve all profile information. Systems that cannot be fully automated can have their workflow reduced, by creating interactive prompts that require the minimum amount of effort to get the job done.

Not all of our search engine optimisation research is published gets to see the light of day. Check out our published research on our blog.

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