Case Study

GDPR Implementation, Validation & Assurance

In 2017, a leading multinational company in the travel sector faced a significant challenge with ensuring 600+ marketing and brand microsites created by their agencies were going to be GDPR compliant by May 2018. The new and complex GDPR regulations posed a substantial risk of fines for non-compliance.


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Legal & Compliance


The legal team needed to protect the company so that it did not receive any non-compliance fines. If the legal team did not have a high degree of confidence that the project was compliant, then the microsites were to be removed, regardless of how much marketing effort or cost had been spent.

Complexity of GDPR

The regulation was new and not widely understood, making compliance a critical issue.

Workforce Impact

Their approach was to distribute the workload across their teams led to:

  • Significant hours dedicated to GDPR compliance.
  • High costs due to the extensive workforce involvement.
  • Challenges in aligning the tasks with team objectives.
  • The risk of human error due to repetitive and detailed-oriented tasks.
How we helped


Responding swiftly to the challenge, our team developed a software solution to automate the compliance checks, focusing on

Automation of Data Collection

Keeping a daily log of implementation by using a JavaScript enabled headless web scraper that collected rendered HTML, console information and cookies.

Cookie Classification

Identify common cookies across all microservices and microsites, then use a classifier model to identify if it is a compulsory or optional cookie.

Edge Workers

Pass all microsites through an edge worker solution that injected resources into the webpage HTML response.


Create a dashboard that outputs relevant dashboards for implementation compliance, cookie identification and overall day-to-day health monitoring of GDPR.



We were able to provide assurance to the legal & compliance team that all microsites were compliant.


Saved Hours

By automating, we saved considerable time for in-house teams so they could focus on growth projects.


Saved in third-party fees

We reduced the amount of third-party agency fees that were required to identify, implement, and report on the changes.

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