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Privacy Policy

Last updated: 14 August 2017

1.1 Our Privacy policy outlines how (the ‘Company’) use information provided by our users. If you have any comments or queries please contact us on We endeavour to protect our users assets and information. The company will not sell, exchange or lease any user information to third parties without our user’s consent.

1.2 The Company operates an online platform for generating documents and communications.

1.3 Information the Company collects that is not attributable to specific users includes IP address and browser types, which are not attributable to personal information. While the user’s identity remains anonymous, their session is tracked to help us ascertain popular features, trends and analyse data for continual improvement to user experience.

1.4 The Company use 'cookies' to help us improve customer experience, ease of use and navigation. Cookies are units of information that are stored on the user's machine and enable them to log in without entering their details each time the visit the website. Members who disable their cookies settings are regrettably unable to use the website. Please see our Cookies Policy for more details on what we store.

1.5 Email addresses are used in conjunction with signing up to the website. No email addresses are traded, leased or sold to third parties. All emails received by users are from the Company in relation to their use of the website.

1.6 All users of must accept responsibility for their own machine's compatibility for full website functionality. The Company accepts no responsibility for the user’s inability to use the site for any reason relating to their computer's specification.

1.7 The Company may have links to third party websites and hold no responsibility for the privacy and security of these websites our users choose to visit. We advise our users to read carefully all third party website's privacy and terms before you disclose any information.

1.8 The Company reserves the right to host advertising banners from third party websites that are hosted through their server. Users must acknowledge that their (non identifiable) IP information and data on the number of times they have viewed an advertisement may be used to issue ads to users.

1.9 is for users aged 18 or over. We do not track users ages so it is the users responsibility not to use the site.

1.10 When users add other users to a project, they must be aware that any disclosure of personal information will available to view by others in the project.

1.11 Any intentional efforts of security compromise, system disruption, hacking or probing into any operations of for data collection are against our terms.

1.12 Any use of automated programming with respect to search spiders or web crawlers for the intention of accessing the Company's Intellectual Property and/or web systems is strictly forbidden and regarded as a misapplication of This will result in account disqualification and will be removed from the site.

1.13 Users can edit their account settings and notifications under settings under the account management.

1.14 Users can unsubscribe from the website deleting their account. Deleting the account will clear all information associated with the account and will not be reversible.

1.15 Members have the ability to restrict marketing email notifications by opting out of the emails through the account editing interface and navigate to the notification preferences.

1.16 takes our users privacy and security very seriously and actively makes every effort to secure the information provided by our members. All passwords stored are encrypted and we use secure hosting to ensure maximum confidentiality.

1.17 We use an application programming interface (API) which allows the website to transmit data. An API key is provided on a per user basis. We assign users universally unique identifiers to ensure that each key is unique as possible.

1.18 This privacy policy forms part of terms and conditions relating to and any related domains. Users must acknowledge they are using the service and are bound by Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

1.19 uses third parties for sending out transactional emails and monitoring the performance of the website. This is simply so we can provide a better overall service to our users.

1.20 Should the Company feels that there is a need to reset user's passwords, we will do so by sending the users in question a confirmation email that will need to be activated by clicking on a link which will be sent to the user's primary email account.

1.21 The Company reserves the right to change its company policy, which may affect the functionality and usability of without prior notice. Users will be advised of all significant changes and alterations to our Terms and Conditions and privacy settings will be communicated by email or an announcement that is displayed when the user logs in.

1.22 Any questions regarding the Company's Privacy Policy can be sent to