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A Study of HTTP/2 & Push: Coverage of the top 100,000 websites

One way that webmasters may look to improve their website performance is by enabling HTTP/2. We analysed the top 100,000 websites to find out who has enabled it and the performance gains.

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01 Sep 2020
13 minutes
Roman Borissov

Technical SEO Roundup May 2018

There were quite a few technical updates in May. Asset "importance" (priority hints) are giving more control over...

07 Jun 2018
15 minutes

Technical SEO Roundup April 2018

Technical SEO updates from Google were thin during April. Now is a relevant time to discuss technical debt. Yandex...

10 May 2018
17 minutes

Technical SEO Roundup March 2018

What happened in Tech SEO for March? TLS v1.0 depreciation, Let's Encrypt widecards, lazy loading images, John...

09 Apr 2018
13 minutes

Technical SEO Roundup February 2018

What happened? The AMP family grows, Chrome adds new APIs, Custom Properties CSS issues & Yandex updates. Make sure to...

08 Mar 2018
17 minutes

Technical SEO Roundup January 2018

The first month of 2018 brought only a small amount of technical SEO updates. However, the ones that did appear focused...

07 Feb 2018
17 minutes

A Technical SEO Teardown of UNIQLO

Background I love the UNIQLO brand and ambition. It's a company that has made me want to buy clothes. On an average...

17 Jan 2018
2 minutes

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