Helping Businesses Acquire, Process & Store data

Making things simple.


We spent two years developing an Open Source environment to enable a new way of solving problems.

We’ve already built services that power financial systems, digital agencies and Internet of Things.

We’re just getting started. How can we help your business?


We create process efficient services that collect data in niche ways or mass scale.


We create data processing virtual machines that work at the data storage location, removing the need to transfer terabytes of information from data centre to data centre.


The increase of data consumption requires a smart way of retaining it for the duration of it's life.

Improving the access time and reducing storage costs is a key part of our data structuring. We don't have a one solution fits all approach.

With our solutions and using our Open Source stack, businesses are able to:

Have no down time -> Fast deployment

Less bugs -> Reduce risk, more secure

Share resource -> Reduce costs, scale computation