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09 Jul 2018
11 Mins
Technical SEO Roundup June 2018

Google introduces JobPosting API, Search Console Updates & AMP Date Picker. Yandex now allows...

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07 Jun 2018
6 Mins
Technical SEO Roundup May 2018

There were quite a few technical updates in May. Asset "importance" (priority hints) are giving m...

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10 May 2018
17 Mins
Technical SEO Roundup April 2018

Technical SEO updates from Google were thin during April. Now is a relevant time to discuss techn...

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09 Apr 2018
14 Mins
Technical SEO Roundup March 2018

What happened in Tech SEO for March? TLS v1.0 depreciation, Let's Encrypt widecards, lazy loading...

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08 Mar 2018
18 Mins
Technical SEO Roundup February 2018

What happened? The AMP family grows, Chrome adds new APIs, Custom Properties CSS issues & Yan...

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07 Feb 2018
18 Mins
Technical SEO Roundup January 2018

The first month of 2018 brought only a small amount of technical SEO updates. However, the ones t...

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